Formerly Dow Corning 550, DOWSIL 550 is a low volatility, thermally stable, silicone fluid designed for equipment exposed to nuclear radiation. It offers a high flashpoint, compressibility, chemical inertness, and resistance to heat and radiation.

Former SKU: DC550GL

Viscosity at +99°C:20 mm²/s
Viscosity Stability:<5% Flash Point - Open Cup:>300°C
Freeze Point:-50°C
Refractive index at 25°C:1.4900 – 1.5000
Surface Tension at 25°C:24.5 mN/m
Volatility 48 hours/250°C:5.5%
Thermal Conductivity at 25°C:0.13 W/mK
Specific heat at 0°C:1.418 kj/kg.K
Composition:Trimethyl-terminated dimethyl, phenylmethyl siloxane fluid
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DOWSIL 550, Formerly Dow Corning 550, is a thermally stable, low volatility, silicone fluid that can be used as a lubricant, a heat transfer medium, and as a thermostat fluid. This innovative silicone offers good compressibility, oxidation, and thermal stability. DOW 550 Fluid has a high flash point, excellent heat transfer characteristics, and is high on the viscosity index. The product is well suited for equipment that is exposed in nuclear plants, hydraulic actuated valves, and hydraulic arresters.

DOWSIL 550 Fluid is a low volatility, high flash point, thermally stable, silicone fluid.
Typical Use:Product can be used as a lubricant, heat transfer medium, or as a thermostat fluid. Well suited for equipment exposed to radiation in nuclear plants, hydraulic actuated valves, and hydraulic arresters.


1LB, 20 KG Pail, 220 KG Drum