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Two Headed Monstr is a full-service strategy, web development and marketing agency that helps companies showcase their strengths and elevate their brands.  With a complete range of creative capabilities, we craft authentic brand experiences that engage and inspire audiences every step of the way.


Deeply rooted in content creation for TV, Film, Commercial, and Digital Platforms. As an entertainment creative executive, Bob's team created content (and products) for Advertising/Publicity, Marketing, Theatrical, TV, Streaming Services, and Film Festivals for all global markets for one reason...to reach, entertain and entice millions around the world.  Being involved with projects that have generated billions in revenue is extremely rewarding but can be very difficult and requires the highest standards by all stakeholders. With a background in advanced project management, digital strategy (& marketing), and design & innovation, provided by Stanford, Rutgers, and IDEO. From start-ups to industry leaders we help influential brands stand up, stand out and get noticed!


bob at twoheaded monstr

Executive Creative Director, Co-Founder


Art Director, Graphic Designer, Co-Founder


I really enjoy working with our clients and making a direct impact to their business through design.  It's pretty satisfying seeing their eyes light up when they actually understand what we bring to the table.  It's kinda that thing You Don't Know, What You Don't Know and when you explain it to them...it's really satisfying.  The "discovery process" is where you are listening to your prospects issues, concerns and needs.  This is followed by brainstorming ideas and performing lots of market research to understand the industry, and what's important to the target market.  Defining a clear and concise digital strategy with achievable and measurable milestones becomes our roadmap to designing a product that will engage with your base and bringing value to your company around the clock 365 days a year.   


Dan joins Two Headed Monstr as our Senior Client Experience Executive and Digital Project Manager.  Dan's caring, hands-on customer first approach is exactly what all of our clients deserve and expect from an LA based creative agency.  Working with some of the most recognizable media brands on the planet Dan brings an exceptional level of experience and quality management to the 2HM creative family.  From inception to launch Dan will be driving your project and communicating updates throughout all phases of the build.  Creative, technical, communicative, managerial, passionate, kind, dedicated and loyal and driven are just a few keywords that describe our new Client Experience Executive and your new best friend.

Dan Hindes_2HM

Senior Client Experience Executive, Digital Project Manager

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Therapist, Security, Best Friends

Bella, Lucy, Elsa

These girls keep us grounded.  They can be a little rowdy, but all it takes to get their attention is an In-N-Out Double, Double and it works like magic!  It also works on their human counter parts!

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